Lamar County Tax Assessors

Lamar County Tax Assessors. Homestead exceptions & tax returns please note, homestead exemptions and tax returns are handled through our local tax assessors office. Lamar county assessor's office services.

Baxterville | Lamar County Mississippi
Baxterville | Lamar County Mississippi from

The tax assessor also performs administrative functions such as inspection of a new construction. Sonoma county administration center 2493 km. Tax on a vehicle is paid for the years in advance commencing the day it is registered.

A tax is levied on land, buildings, and other structures.

Lamar County Tax Assessors. Choose your county to find contact information for your property tax assessor. For questions about paying your property tax or your property valuation, please contact your local county officials. Lamar county assessor's office services. Property details, sales search information and protesting online is free of charge.

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